Selecting the right cabinet for an aquarium or terrarium is always a big challenge. When choosing the right cabinet for an aquarium or terrarium, you should pay attention to a number of features that influence the comfort and length of use.

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Will it fit well with the tank? What is the quality of its workmanship - will it be solid enough that contact with water will not damage it? How functional is it - will I store all the equipment in it and lead the cables? We know this topic very well, because we have often faced the challenge of choosing the right cabinet for an aquarium or terrarium. We will try to briefly explain the process of choosing the right product.
Check the exact dimensions of your tank. Too small a cabinet will cause that the edges of the aquarium or terrarium will protrude beyond the cabinet's outline and will be exposed to mechanical damage.
Make sure that the cabinet is strong enough to lift the tank along with the decoration and all contents. This is of great importance especially in case of the aquarium cabinet. A filled water tank often weighs even several hundred kilograms.
Get acquainted with the quality of the product and applied solutions facilitating the service. The quality of materials used for the production of the aquarium cabinet or terrarium must be the highest as it is exposed to water. Poor quality, cheap furniture board is usually not sufficiently protected against liquids. Even after a little flooding, the board can soak up water and simply disintegrate, exposing our tank to disaster.
High quality, company hinges or guides are also nice accessories worth paying attention to. They may not be necessary for operation and can be replaced by the cheapest substitutes, but they have a positive effect on the feeling of use and the life span of the whole structure. Also, pay attention to whether the cabinet has cable entries, and whether it will fit a filter or sprinkler system inside.