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Living, exotic plants can take us to exotic places of the world even when we’re in the middle of a crowded city. Purifying the air from pollution and producing oxygen, they have a soothing effect not only on our souls but also on our bodies.

Being  the exotic plants lovers, either growing inside or outside vivariums, we try to provide you with the most unique plants found. We often import rare species and varieties that are not  found on the market very often. We know that every plant lover dreams of standing out from the crowd of enthusiasts with their plants. In our shop everyone starting from  a beginner collector to an experienced botanical enthusiast, will find the perfect plant for themselves.
Before being sold in our shop, each plant undergoes a detailed phytosanitary inspection. We source our plants only from reliable, legal suppliers, for whom the plants are primarily their passion. We avoid large exporters selling poor quality seedlings at the lowest price and we issue the European Plant Passports for marketing within the European Union.
In our offer you will find a wide range of  kinds of exotic plants - from tiny orchids to huge banana trees or impressive monsteras! We  describe each plant detailly in such  a way that our customers have no doubts how to take care of it. In the additional tab, next to each plant, you will find the necessary information collected in the form of a legible graphic.
Please note that plants are living organisms, so each plant can vary slightly in appearance, but also tolerate certain environmental factors. To take good care of your plants, please check the other categories in our shop. Among other things, you will find substrates, fertilisers and high-quality lighting for your plants.