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Good aquarium or vivarium lighting is a crucial factor for plant growth and well-being of the animals living in there. It also affects the aesthetic value of the project itself as well as the overall perception of the entire arrangement. Properly selected lighting makes the life in the tank develop in an optimal way, and one can enjoy a beautiful view and great condition of its inhabitants.

Choosing the aquarium or vivarium lighting carefully should include consideration of the biotope to be reproduced, the dimensions of the tank and the light requirements for the plants growing inside it.The wide range of Skylight LED lighting , producing the premium quality lighting for aquaculture and terraristics, could be found.
With a wide range of products available, each and every customer can find the perfect lighting for their needs.
The offer of our shop includes lamps for small tanks as well as large strong lamps or even sets of several units that would be able to illuminate even extensive vivariums or aquariums. While choosing a proper lighting for vivariums or aquariums, the design of the lamp as well as its technical parameters are equally important. Aesthetically made lamp could spoil the whole visual effect of the composition, giving the false impression of an underdeveloped arrangement being made.
Taking into consideration the visual effect, it is worth mentioning that one of the crucial factors of it is also the colour rendering index (CRI) .The maximum CRI value reaches 100. To make it simple, the higher the CRI is, the closer the light generated by the lamp is to the natural one, encountered in the sunny midday. Lamps with a CRI of less than 90 could distort the colours creating an unwanted, unnatural visual effect.
However, the exception to this rule are the lamps with the aim to boost the colours and make them much more intense than in the reality. This type of lighting, being known for several years in aquarium hobbyist’s’ world, has recently wider range of followers all over the world. Searching for the colour enhancing lighting for your tank you should definitely find one in the offer of our shop.