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Terrarium misting systems are a great convenience for all owners of tropical terrariums imitating rainforest. Plants and animals from tropical rainforests require frequent misting for their health and well-being.

There are places in the world where it rains even several times a day. The evergreen rainforests are characterised by frequent rainfall and consequently high air humidity. Plants and animals coming from these areas require such conditions to be mapped in the vivarium.
The simplest and cheapest solution can of course be a high quality manual sprayer that sprays water on sufficiently fine droplets. Too many drops make us use much more water than necessary to spray the terrarium. This leads to overflowing of the substrate and filling the drainage layer in our tank with remaining water.
A hand sprayer, if it can work well with a tank that does not need to be sprinkled too often, may not be sufficient for animals or plants that require really frequent spraying. None of us can probably imagine spraying 4 times a day in several or more tanks manually. Fortunately, automatic terrarium sprinkler systems have been developed for more demanding users.
Misting systems usually consist of a pump powered from an electrical socket, a water tank, cables and sprinkler nozzles. Depending on the size of the tank or tanks (one pump can spray up to several dozen terrariums!), the sprinkler sets differ. To spray one terrarium with 4 nozzles we need a much weaker pump and a smaller water tank than when connecting 10 such terrariums to one misting system, i.e. 40 nozzles. When choosing a sprinkler set, always consider the possibility of extending it with additional nozzles.
In our shop you can buy all elements necessary to expand your sprinkler system. We have nozzles, elbows, tees, cables and many other parts.