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Aquascaping is a concept known to aquarium hobbyists for a long time. It means the art of advanced design and arrangement of aquariums. Terrascaping is a twin term, but refers to terrariums. In this category you will find everything you need to design a beautiful tank.

Natural elements such as stones or roots are usually used to create an arrangement. Arranged in an appropriate way they create a landscape outline and a kind of scaffolding for further decoration elements and plants. The inanimate elements in the reservoir form the so-called "hardscape". Its appearance depends on the type of biotope that you want to reproduce, and above all on your vision and creativity.
In our offer we have several types of beautiful, natural roots and cork tubes perfectly suited to create an arrangement. As one of the few companies on the market, we accurately measure each root so that you can be 100% sure that it will fit into your tank.
An inseparable part of most tanks, both aquariums and terrariums, is the background. It can serve a decorative function (natural elements or imitation of rocks or roots), as well as being a base for plants that will grow into the background. In our shop you will find materials with which you can create a background for your tank by yourself. We offer, among others, Hygrolon or EpiWeb, which is a great material for planted tanks.
In this category you will also find xaxim panels, ground xaxim or Mossmix. These products allow to grow moss and interesting species of fern in a natural vivarium. They are perfect for walls, and the floor, giving the effect of a green carpet like at the bottom of a rainforest.
Remember: Terra- and aquascaping is above all the great fun. Have fun, design and arrange your own piece of nature at your home!