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The right substrate for plants is the key to success in their cultivation. Depending on where the plant is found in nature, it may have different needs in terms of substrate reaction, composition, permeability and water storage capacity. Most tropical plants feel very comfortable in an acidic, moist and nutrient-rich substrate. This also applies to plants grown in plant vivaria.

When growing exotic plants, it is important to consider on which soil they are most likely to grow in nature. The reproduction of as close as possible to the composition and properties of the soil has a great influence on how your plants will develop. The plant descriptions in our shop always include the type of soil that the species requires. This way, you can easily select a substrate in which to grow quickly and healthily.
Some plants, such as orchids, bromeliases or some creepers, are very well suited as epiphytes. For lovers of these beautiful but unusual plants, we have prepared an offer of materials which make their cultivation easier. Hygrolon or Epiweb are materials developed by experts that effectively accumulate water and allow for easy assembly of epiphytic plants. They are suitable for growing single plants as well as for creating e.g. background elements in tanks with plants and mosses.
In our offer you will find both ready mixes for different groups of plants, but also single components and additives to enrich the substrate you already have. The substrates we offer for plants are 100% safe, do not contain artificial additives and you can use them both in pots and vivariums where animals live.
Remember, every plant grown at home requires regular fertilization. To ensure the appearance and health of your plants, read the recommendations for fertilization. You can buy the highest quality fertilisers for exotic plants in our shop. Check the category ‘Fertilisers'.