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Why Orange Frog?


Our plants…

come only from reliable sources. They are always tested for insects and infections to deliver them in perfect condition. We issue plant passports required for transport within the European Union.


Our bugs…

are produced exclusively in a natural, fully organic way, without the use of drugs or any chemicals and are fed on top quality nutrition. This results in your animals being healthy and in excellent shape.


Our goods…

are proven brands that produce premium quality products that win the hearts of customers around the globe. We support growing companies and present them to hobbyists in many countries.

Latest Reviews

Awsome selection of goods, very professional customer service and fast shipping. I would recommend to my friends!

Helmut / Germany

I ordered lighting for my plant collection from I am impressed with how they have changed their colour after changing the lights to Skylight.

Anna / Poland

My new vivarium set from Orange Frog is simply amazing! I was surprised by the quality of both production and customer service.

Patricia / Nederland

I didn’t know what lighting I should choose for my aquarium. I read the guide on the website and picked the perfect product.

Jiří / Czech Republic

I really love the idea of “starter kits”, which contains everything you need to set up in a bioactive vivarium.

Ruben / Belgium

Skylight lamps look and work like a high-end product, but cost much less than other companies’ products. I LOVE THEM!

Lisa / United Kingdom

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