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The right terrarium ventilation is essential for the health of the animals and plants that live in it. Especially in tanks with high humidity it is necessary to keep the air circulating. This helps to prevent fungal infestations and prevents water droplets from settling on the glass panes, which considerably lowers visibility.

In tropical terrariums, growboxes or orchidariums with high humidity and poor air circulation, it is very easy for harmful fungi to invade. In tanks with large mesh panels, air circulation occurs naturally. The problem is that the use of too large panels of ventilation mesh can cause rapid drying of the air inside the tank, which in turn can adversely affect species requiring higher humidity. In such cases the best solution is an automatic ventilation system. Properly selected, quiet and efficient fans will force the air inside the tank without exposing it to overdrying.
Automatic ventilation systems also affect the aesthetic aspect of the tank. High humidity and temperatures in the vivarium cause water to condense on the glass. This significantly limits visibility and makes the tank lose much of its charm. Forced air flow means that water droplets do not settle on the glass and visibility remains unrestricted.
A terrarium ventilation system can consist of several components, but the simplest sets consist of a fan (one or more), a power supply unit and also a speed controller. If you intend to place the fan inside a tank with animals, please protect the electric cable and the fan blades from contact with the animals. You will also find a protective mesh in our shop. In our shop you can build your own set-up to suit your tank. Connect the ventilation system to the timer and control the air movement in your tank even remotely!