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Every experienced terrarist or aquarium hobbyist knows how hard it is to have an aesthetic and functional tank at the same time. There are many companies on the market producing aquariums and terrariums. Unfortunately, many of them have numerous flaws and imperfections, which make their prolonged use troublesome and sometimes even dangerous.

Taking advantage of our experience, as well as that of our breeders' friends, we have chosen only proven, highest quality products for you, which we use ourselves and with which we are satisfied.
Our offer includes solutions for hobbyists looking for a beautiful decoration at home, as well as for breeders who prefer functionality over aesthetics. A particularly large variety of terrariums, which can be very different from each other. We have terrariums made entirely of glass and tanks made of plastic. Depending on which animals are to be their occupants, the terrariums differ in size, ventilation or the way the door is opened. For example, a terrarium for animals that feed on very fine food such as fruit flies must have very fine mesh ventilation. A terrarium for large lizards, on the other hand, requires very robust ventilation grilles to prevent the escape of reptiles.
Aesthetics is something that we ourselves pay great attention to. This applies mainly to display tanks, but the breeding terrariums available in our shop must also meet high requirements. We pay attention to the quality of the edges, cleanliness and the durability of moving parts. Thanks to this you can be sure that when ordering an aquarium or terrarium in our shop you will receive a product that meets the expectations of even the most demanding users.
Some of the tanks offered by us have integrated accessories such as lighting or ventilation system. However, if you decide to buy a tank without accessories, check the other categories in our shop and select all the necessary elements. Are you a breeder and are you looking for solutions for several tanks? Check our offer of shelves and cabinets.