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Terrarium plants offered in our shop are an excellent choice for terrarium plant lovers. You will find many different plants here – climbers, ferns, bromelias, orchids and many others. We also offer ready-made sets of plants for different size tanks.

Terrarium plants are an offer for not only botanical enthusiasts but also for owners and breeders of exotic animals. By selecting appropriate plant species we are able to create a piece of jungle, enclosed in glass container in your apartment. Most of the plants offered in this category require stable conditions, that’s why they feel best behind closed glass. Properly equipped terrarium allows to create a microclimate ideal even for the most demanding species of plants and animals.
When selecting terrarium plants for a tank you should pay attention to several parameters that are crucial for their life and healthy growth. Depending on their occurrence in nature, they may require different light intensity, temperature or sprinkling frequency.
Imitating warm, humid, tropical lowlands, we can be almost 100% sure that mountain orchid species that require low temperatures and intensive air movement will not do well in your terrarium. Plants that require a lot of light (Neoregelia spp., Heliamphora spp.) will do well in a terrarium with very strong direct light. The opposite can be true for the beautiful Selaginella, for example, which loses its attractive blue sheen in full light.
When selecting plants for your terrarium, pay attention to how fast they grow and what size they reach. A common mistake for beginner hobbyists is that they only choose fast-growing species to achieve a fast effect. This leads to a situation where it turns out that you have to cut plants, overgrowing the entire tank, very often. By maintaining a balance between fast-growing and slow-growing species, you will protect yourself from over-expansion.
Each species sold in our shop has a unique, detailed description, in which you will find all the information about it. Please also read the infographics for information in a nutshell.