Glass cabinet for plants – lighting, ventilation

Glass cabinets for plants

Recently, indoor plants, including demanding, collectible species, have been growing in popularity. Thanks to specialist shops, such as, plant lovers can purchase exotic species from almost all over the world. Some of them require appropriate conditions such as increased air humidity or a large amount of good quality light, which is responsible for the process of photosynthesis and, consequently, the growth of the plant. An excellent solution to help ensure stable conditions is a glass cabinet for plants. It will certainly hold more plants than a single terrarium, it is easy to arrange and equip with suitable accessories, and it can be a really beautiful decoration of your home.

Cabinet for plants is a solution that is gaining in popularity and, with the addition of a few extra accessories, can be quite simply ideal for most collectors. Thanks to its glass walls, it allows you to look at your plants without having to take them outside. Thanks to its airtight construction, the cabinet can be used to maintain conditions inside that are more similar to those in the tropics. Increased humidity, sometimes also increased temperature and plenty of light – the vast majority of exotic plants love such conditions!

In popular furniture shops, customers have a huge choice of ready-made glass cabinets. The problem is that most of them are not equipped with lights, and even if you manage to find one that has built-in lights, they will usually be very weak and definitely not meet the plants’ needs. At we have tested probably most of the commercially available specialised plant lamps and we have included those that we have found to be the best. To make the selection process as easy as possible we have prepared ready-to-use sets for the most popular cabinets available in chain home improvement shops. In our offer you will find lighting for plant display cases of any size – from a small, narrow “post” to larger, wide ones. The sets are based on Skylight lamps – one of the leading manufacturers of lighting for plant terraria. Thanks to the high quality of the elements their products are made of, they work perfectly well in vivarium conditions. They are resistant to moisture, easy to assemble, small in size and, most of all, have great parameters supporting the development and colouring of the plants.

A huge plus of Skylight lighting is the natural, neutral colour of the light emitted, which is so rare in grow lights. While most lamps use diodes with a violet-pink colour of emitted light, our sets emit light very close to the colour of sunlight. This means that the lighting is not a nuisance to human eyes, even when we illuminate the plants indoors for several hours a day. It also gives the possibility to observe our plants in their full glory, without unnatural, distorted colours.

Air movement is very important for healthy plant growth, so consider installing a fan system inside your cabinet. With high humidity, air that doesn’t move and doesn’t get replaced, the problem of fungal infections can arise. In our range of vitrine sets we have sets consisting of 1-4 fans connected to a common power supply with a speed regulator. Thanks to stepless regulation you can choose the strength of the blast which is generated by the fans. Each fan can be additionally equipped with a mesh cover mounted on one side, which will protect plant leaves from accidental damage by rotating blades.

In our cabinet sets you will only find recessed models. Thanks to the flat construction of the top side of the lamp and the mounting holes, you can fix it both with screws or clamps and also with strips of strong double-sided adhesive tape. Remember to leave at least a few millimetres of space between the lamp and the surface to which you will mount it. This will allow the heat generated by the LED lamp to dissipate.

A plant showcase equipped in this way will certainly do a great job and your plants will thank you for your efforts with beautiful growth and colour!

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