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Indoor plants are an essential part of the decoration of any modern apartment. Living plants implement the element of nature even into any flats located in the very centre of the city. Have a look at our offer and choose the plants that match your interior design.

Among indoor plants there can be distinguished a countless number of species and varieties. They differ in shapes, sizes and requirements. When choosing a plant for your interior, you need to get acquainted with their needs in order to check if the right conditions for its growth can be met. You can also adjust the plant species to the place you want to keep it. With such caution, you will avoid disappointment with the inappropriate growth of your plants.
Many exotic plants from the tropics require relatively high atmospheric humidity. If you want to have these species in your house, you should ensure that the air humidity is constantly increased. For most species the optimum air humidity is about 60%. It is particularly important to keep your room humid during the winter, when heating dries the air significantly. Air humidifiers and even vessels filled with some water, set on a radiator, can be ideal to increase the room humidity.
Apart from air humidity, another key factor to keep your exotic plants in good condition is the proper light. Depending on where they are found in nature, the plants may like full sunlight, scattered light or rather a shade. The typical representative of indoor plants requiring intense light is Aechmea fasciata, and the plants found in scattered light or the shade include for example Calathea or most types of ferns.
For proper growth of indoor plants it is necessary to provide them with a suitable substrate which is rich in nutrients. When choosing a substrate for your plants, pay attention to their permeability, water storage capacity and their pH. The indoor plants also require periodic fertilisation providing nutrients through the roots or leaves. Look up our selected fertilizers for room, aquarium and terrarium plants.