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The basis for any breeding success is a well-balanced, high quality animal food. This is no different for exotic animals such as arachnids, insects, amphibians, reptiles, fish and others. A large proportion of these animals take live food, which we also offer in our shop.


Over the years of breeding exotic animals, we have come to the conclusion that the right nutrition is crucial in keeping the animals in optimal condition. High quality food has a positive effect on the health and well-being of the animals, their appearance, behaviour and willingness to reproduce. Animals fed on poor quality food are more susceptible to disease, become apathetic, and their external appearance is often affected by their health.
In order to provide captive animals with conditions as close as possible to natural conditions, we should study their natural diet carefully. Most species feed on at least a few different plant or animal species in nature. Few, on the other hand, lead a monodiet, having a very strict requirements as predators or herbivores. This gives more possibilities to use substitutes when feeding animals in captivity when, for example, we run out of one component of their diet. We can just replace it with another one that is available.
Species that eat a variety of foods should be given a varied diet in captivity. This way we will not only provide them with a range of nutrients, but we will also take care of their mental condition by providing a variety stimuli.
In our shop you will find food for both herbivores and predators. We offer ready-made formulas and granulates from leading companies such as Repashy and Pangea, as well as live food insects from a trusted source. Remember to use a properly selected supplements in addition to the basic food!